Feature Spotlight: Language Import Translation Tool

Many researchers conduct international surveys and need a powerful research tool that can handle multilingual surveys. This new tool allows you to set up multilingual surveys faster with the import language tool in Survey Analytics. Instead of the old traditional way of adding/editing languages under each question, you can now translate your entire survey at once to over 30 languages.

If you have a survey already in English that you would like to have in other languages, simply go to Settings -> Language. Select the languages you plan to import translations to, and download the Translation Import Template. It will give you an excel spreadsheet in which you can add the other languages you specified that you would like the survey to be in.

Each language you would like your survey to be in goes in its own column.  Once your spreadsheet is filled out, you simply save it and import it into your Survey Analytics account under Settings -> Language Translation Import. Click here to see a live tutorial of how to use the import language tool presented by Survey Analytics VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle.