Education Hour: The New User Interface

What is Survey Analytics Education Hour?

In case you missed out over the past few months, Survey Analytics is now offering a monthly "Education Hour" to all of our valued clients. As an ongoing part of making sure you get the most out of your Survey Analytics account, we have been conducting surveys to our customers to ask what you would like to learn more about. We received valuable data and have been putting together a monthly education agenda driven by your feedback. Regardless if you are mainly using just the online tool, SurveyPocket, the panel, or SurveySwipe, we hope you will find this new program to be beneficial for your research needs.

June 2013 Education Hour Overview

On June 27th, 2013 Survey Analytics VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle presented a very exciting and special education hour to demonstrate some of the new enhancements and changes in Survey Analytics 2.0 - Our New User Interface. We have made the cloud based platform more efficient than ever from user feedback over time, and now we are showing you how to navigate and manage your research much quicker than before. We hope you use our Education Hour as an ongoing training tool and a resource to keep you comfortable as new features and enhancements are added.

The New User Interface 

There are too many new enhancements to cover in just one Education Hour. Some of the things that were covered in this session include:

  • Creating Custom Infographics from Survey Results 
  • New Search and Command Line Interface 
  • It Now Only Takes Two Clicks to Add Survey Questions 
  • XML Data Export Now Available in Reporting 
  • Welcome Emails for Panel Registrations 
  • Add Custom Landing Pages to Your Panel - Make it Your Own
  • Change Popup Display Interval Times on Website Popup Surveys
  •  Embed Code To Add Feedback Surveys Into Your Own Mobile 

This is only the beginning of our efforts to continually improve your user experience using our tool. Thanks for being a part of the Survey Analytics Education Hour and stay tuned for our July topic and invitation coming soon! 


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