Lets Talk About Panel: Q&A With Zynga Panel Manager Jeanne Chinn

Survey Analytics Interview with Zynga Research Operations and Panel Manager Jeanne Chinn

1. What are some of your biggest challenges towards running a panel targeting online game players?

"The challenges targeting online game players are similar to running any proprietary custom panel. Panel recruiting and keeping members engaged without losing them to attrition is a challenge. Once you have a panel, it’s vital to keep the cooperation rate high in all outreaches to the panel. For this game industry, the end product is all about fun and entertainment so panel management must instill a similar spirit to sustain the engagement of your valuable panel members to achieve high cooperation rates. This takes on-going creativity! Outstanding customer service is also critical and should not be overlooked. Your panel member services must include the resources to handle the incoming communication with members in at timely manner. We handle many inquiries during the enrollment process, when member Activities are in field and during the award redemption process." 

2. What do you think of the current trend of micro surveys? (Where respondents are asked only 2-3 questions at the most). Have you tried these in your experience conducting research?

"We run micro surveys in the form of pop ups in the game."

3. Do you have any advice or tips for someone looking to start an online panel? What are realistic goals to set and important items that should be factored in the beginning?

"When you form a custom panel, have management support, realistic expectations with a timeline for multiple phases of panel release, and a budget defined. It’s important to think about how to brand your panel with a logo and art work reinforcing your company’s product line (in our case the Avatars from Zynga’s most popular games), defining an identity so your future panel members can make the association with the parent company and why they want to be a member of this panel.
We set goals to differentiate our panel from any other vendor/supplier panel. Rewards (the “what’s in it for me”) are very important to panel members. Rewards and incentives should be varied and creative. Most participants volunteer to our outreaches (invitations for a survey, game research, meeting our game team, etc.) because they are our target audience and they want their voice to be heard and provide feedback. Receiving meaningful “perks” for their contribution is fun and rewarding to them."

4. What are some examples of panel member rewards or incentives you would recommend to someone trying to build a new panel? Have you had success with certain rewards more than others? How do you make sure you keep your community coming back and participating?

"See above. We’re learning what works and doesn’t for our panel and every panel will have different motivators for their panel. Monetary incentives are always attractive. Whatever, incentive system is used, it should be compelling, attainable and universally desired by members. We offer incentives in the form of Zynga cash to be used on our members favorite games, Amazon.com gift links, or in-game exclusive items just for our members to name a few."

5. Can you share your overall satisfaction with the Survey Analytics panel management tool? How has it helped you build and maintain your panel relationships? Are there any areas you would like to see improved?

"We are using the Survey Analytics MicroPanel module as our panel tool. We use this tool for recruiting new panel members and hosting outreaches to the panel. The tool is easy to use and has built-in features to control frequency of use and diagnostics for individual panel member participation. The awards distribution tool makes a cumbersome task easy to set up and manage. Survey Analytics has a great support and development team so features can be customized to suit the needs of their clients. We value our relationship with Survey Analytics and having this tool expand with our growing panel. We would like to see this tool developed further so it will include more panel management functionalities so we can more seamless, at our fingertips via dashboards view panel metrics customized for our panel management needs."
A Special Thanks

Jeanne Chinn from Zynga
We would like to take a moment to thank Jeanne Chinn, Research Operations and Panel Manager at Zynga for taking the time to answer our questions and clarify direction for those just starting out with a panel. Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) is a leading provider of social game services with approximately 250 million monthly active users playing its games, which include Zynga Poker,Words With FriendsScramble With FriendsGems With FriendsDraw SomethingFarmVille 2ChefVilleCityVilleBubble Safari and Ruby Blast. Zynga's games are available on a number of global platforms, including Facebook, Zynga.com, Apple iOS and Google Android. Zynga is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Learn more about Zynga at http://blog.zynga.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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