A Research Panel Helping Small Business Owners in Decision Making

Small Biz Opinions is a trusted resource that surveys thousands of small business owners and reports common trends of what they're doing to successfully manage, grow, and run a money making business. In this research panel, small business owners are sent surveys and asked relevant questions about business practices and their participation is helping start-ups with marketing, decision making and providing a tool to gain competitive advantage.

In the current state of small business, trying to keep up with current trends and analyzing what works and does not work can be very time consuming. With Small Biz Opinions, you have access to gain information from methods that have been long tried, tested and most importantly - the things that work. With the digital revolution and content being produced every second, there is no longer time to waste being unsure of your ROI. Cut out the time wasted going through mountains of online data, expensive market research, 3rd party consultants and find out new and creative ways to do it yourself. There are many readily available online tools to help you complete your small business tasks quicker, and even for less money. Making simple day to day tasks easier for your employees opens them to do more for growing your business.

How You Can Become a Panelist for Small Biz Opinions

Any business owner or senior level management can sign up to cooperate and learn from the data found by Small Biz Opinions. No matter how big or small the organization, there is no discrimination in joining. The more diverse and wider range of business owners that join will provide more specific and valuable data to your current business problems. 

It's Simple to Join and Your Time is Very Appreciated and Rewarded

No need to worry about your e-mail being bogged down and overloaded with survey requests. Small Biz Opinions only sends surveys that match the criteria you include in your profile. You can also set a limit to the number of surveys you are willing to receive each week. Even more conveniently, you can also participate in the surveys on the go by downloading the SurveySwipe mobile application from the App Store or Google Play after signing up to be a panelist for Small Biz Opinions.