(Webinar Replay) How to Use Geofencing in Mobile Surveys

Thursday afternoon, over 100 marketers and researchers joined us live for How to Use Geofencing in Mobile Surveys. Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons delivered a well received presentation about how the technology behind geofencing is evolving and how today you can trigger a mobile survey to a device within a specific radius. Along with the technology, topics in this webinar include privacy consent issues and how social sharing is changing in modern society. Andrew also gave examples of geofencing and mobile survey best practices, and how some of Survey Analytics' clients are using geofencing today. There were great questions asked and to name a few how to get people to opt in to a mobile panel, privacy issues, the direction this technology is moving and more.

In case you missed out, you still have a chance to access the video and slides from the presentation here.

A Brief Overview of Survey Analytics and Geolocation/Geofencing Mobile Surveys

Using Survey Analytics cloud based survey software, you can easily program a mobile friendly survey for the SurveySwipe mobile application. While creating your geofence/geolocation survey, you can upload locations via physical address or by latitude/longitude coordinates for thousands of locations at once from an Excel spreadsheet. After programming your mobile friendly survey, it is easy to gather contacts to setup a mobile panel that will opt in to take surveys based upon location. Our friends at qSample would be more than happy to help you find mobile respondents that are willing to opt in and give consent for your next research project.

Watch the Webinar Now to Learn Even More About The Best Practices of Geofencing and Mobile Surveys

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