(REPLAY) Education Hour: 12 Ways to Improve Survey Programming Efficiency

Yesterday's launch of the Survey Analytics Education Hour was a success. Presented by Survey Analytics VP of Client Services, Esther LaVielle, Education Hour is a monthly training session for clients covering topics selected by customer feedback. The first session was titled "12 Ways to Improve Survey Programming Efficiency," and in this presentation Esther guided us through the process of helping Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks & Recreation Department survey its citizens for a new park they want to build at Lot 48.

Some tips featured in this session include:

  • Setting a time zone stamp so that you reach your audience at the best time they are likely to respond
  • Using the Ad Hoc Query Tool in Survey Analytics Reporting Features to search the survey database
  • How to select frequently used questions from the Question Library allowing you to save lots of overhead time in creating your survey
  • Using Global Options to make validation, question code updates, and much more applicable to the entire survey
  • And many more programming tips that save our clients 20-30% of time when programming a survey

Watch the Replay and Access the Slides from this Presentation Below:

12 Ways To Increase Survey Programming Efficiency from Survey Analytics

If you are not a current client of Survey Analytics and would like to save time in conducting online surveys, market research or see our powerful Enterprise Research Platform in action - you can try it for free. Thanks for your participation and we will see you at the next Education Hour!