New Push Notification Feature for SurveyPocket

New Push Notification Feature for SurveyPocket
Push Notifications Now Available For SurveyPocket 

Survey Analytics has developed a new feature to send push notifications for those running SurveyPocket on iOS mobile devices including your iPhone and iPad. In the next few weeks, this new feature will also be rolled out to Android mobile devices. To ensure that push notifications will be received, please make sure that the SurveyPocket user has notifications enabled. You can do this from your iPad or iPhone by going to Settings -> Notifcations -> SurveyPocket -> and making sure alerts are enabled.

SurveyPocket push notifications use the Apple notification services and native iOS technology for your assurance of notifications being delivered. If there is no Internet connection available on the device you push a notification to, Apple will queue the message until an Internet connection is found. This is much different than traditional SMS messages that get lost if they are unable to be received right away. As of today, push notifications have to be sent individually to each device, but users can look forward to the near future with ability to group device keys, update push tokens and bulk, and the ability to push the notifications to groups.

A real use case of this feature would be to reliably communicate important messages regarding changes in the surveys. If there are new surveys added, you can notify field reps out collecting data that there are new surveys when they next synchronize SurveyPocket. Or – you could say “Please review the new surveys to make sure all images open prior to going to the venue tomorrow.” This ensures that all HTML images will present properly.  Another example would be if analysts are looking at the data collected and are light on a sample from a specific demographic – you could push a message such as: “Please collect 30 more female entries as we are short in data collected from females.”

Below is a video demonstration of how you can easily send a push notification to any device loaded with SurveyPocket from your Survey Analytics account.

If you are not a current user of SurveyPocket you can give the Survey Analytics Enterprise Research Platform a try with a free trial.