Export Survey Data to Editable PowerPoint Charts

Microsoft_PowerPoint_iconThere are many ways to export and share the results of surveys. One of the most popular ways of sharing data is with Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint can be a a great option for sharing your data, but it can be tedious to enter data manually into PowerPoint. It's good to have an option for automatically creating PowerPoint charts from your data.

Survey Analytics has an option for exporting your data to automatically to PowerPoint format.

Most of the time, when you export your data to PowerPoint, you want to make some customizations before sharing the results with your client.

That's why we're excited to announce that Survey Analytics supports PowerPoint export which includes editable PowerPoint charts.

If your survey software exports to non-editable PowerPoint objects (static images), you can't customize the charts once they've been exported.

But if you export to editable PowerPoint objects, there's no limit to how much you can edit your charts once they've been exported.

Here's a brief YouTube video showing you how to export your data from Survey Analytics to editable PowerPoint format.