How to Do iPad and Android Tablet Surveys

SurveyPocket for iPad, Android Tablet - and even iTouch and Smartphone Surveys

SurveyPocket for iPad, Android Tablet - and even iTouch and Smartphone Surveys[/caption]

SurveyPocket is a mobile field research app from Survey Analytics that allows your field data collection team to ditch the pen and paper and use an iPad, Android tablet – or even a smartphone or iTouch - for field research & data collection.

SurveyPocket uses Survey Analytics or QuestionPro for survey creation and analysis. The app can collect data in either online or offline mode - valuable when there is no wi-fi connection available.  This app has more question types and logic options than any other solution.

Watch this video to get a detailed demonstration of SurveyPocket, including a very valuable new feature - the ability to scan barcodes, which is very valuable to distributors, retailers and product manufacturers.


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