Cloudy on the Cloud


No, stormy weather does not affect the cloud.

It seems Americans (and, I suspect, many others) are a bit cloudy on the concept of the cloud.
We're not referring to the kind of cloud that's in the sky, of course. We're referring to cloud computing - the idea that data are held in a vast network of computers and can be accessed by multiple types of devices. Survey Analytics software is, of course, a fantastic example of cloud computing.

According to a recent survey, 54% of Americans admitted that they don't know what the cloud is, and 51% guessed that stormy weather affects it (building on the cloud theme, I suspect).
As a cloud computing company, we can chuckle about this, but the reality is there's a lot more education needed so that people understand the vast power of the cloud. The reality is the cloud makes each of our lives better each and every day.

The more people understand the cloud, the better. After all, perhaps even someone as smart as you was cloudy on the concept in the not too distant past.


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