Using iPads to Survey Amusement Park Visitors

Like many companies, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company had traditionally done surveys the old-fashioned way – with paper, pencil and clipboards.  Mike Iott, Cedar Fair’s Market Research Manager, had to hand-create 12 reports monthly, one for each of Cedar Fair’s regional amusement parks.

This year Mike successfully transitioned Cedar Fair’s in-park survey program from paper to iPad data collection with the help of SurveyPocket.

“I’d been looking to do something like this for a while. We had a whole new executive team come on board and it was an opportunity to do everything the way we had always wanted to do it.”

Cedar Fair’s interviewers do a short survey in the park asking a few demographic questions, collecting the park-goer’s email address, and securing their agreement to take a post-visit survey which is sent to them online after they leave the park.  For each park there are tens of thousands of these surveys done each year.

“The iPads work great, and the interviewers seem to like them,” said Iott.  “SurveyPocket has really simplified the process.”

He added, “Some of the interviewers who did paper surveys with us last year said a lot of the guests don’t seem as intimidated when they see someone with an iPad coming toward them than they do when they see someone with a clipboard coming toward them.”

“We used to have to hand-do monthly reports for all of the parks.  That’s all gone away now. This year we set up dashboard accounts so a select group at each park has access so they can log on and see the reporting for their park. Everyone can access their own data; they can run their own cross-tabs. It works really well for us. The feedback from the park marketing directors has been really positive.”