Malware Warning – All Clear

UPDATE:  We've been in touch with Google and the "Malware Warning" issue we had on is resolved (see original post below).

You will no longer see a malware warning when visiting or when taking a survey, it is completely safe to login and send surveys.  This issue had no effect on any surveys or data.  Furthermore, there was never any 'malware' on our servers (it was a single spammer who sent out a survey with a malicious redirect).  We have taken steps to insure that this cannot happen again.

We apologize again for any inconvenience.


If you tried to access your Survey Analytics account or surveys today you might have seen a “Warning!” screen informing you that contains malware.  This is primarily affecting visitors who are using Chrome, FireFox, or Safari browsers.

There is no malware on, and it’s completely safe for you to continue using our site.

Here’s what happened:

We had one customer who was using a survey for spamming and spreading malware. Google ‘bots’ encountered this survey and generated this warning. We immediately blocked that account and deleted all surveys. Additionally, we have fixed this issue so it will not happen again.

When you see the warning screen it is completely safe for you to click “ignore this warning” or “proceed anyway” and login to your account. Our system is still completely functional.  The malware was never on our servers; instead it was distributed via a redirect on a survey which we have blocked.

We submitted a ‘review request’ to Google, our systems are currently under review by Google and this issue should be resolved within 24 hours. No surveys or data were affected, however, until Google completes their review, respondents will see a warning and may not respond to your surveys.

We apologize again for this problem and are working to resolve it with Google ASAP.