Use QR Codes to Get Rapid Feedback with Survey Analytics

Survey Analytics now makes it exceedingly easy to get rapid feedback via mobile devices using QR codes with a new service called RapidFeedback.

RapidFeedback replaces the need for feedback cards or survey links posted on receipts. Post the RapidFeedback codes on posters, billboards, receipts, print ads, brochures, and anywhere else you want to receive instant feedback from your customers.

QR Codes

Customers do not need to download an app to give you instant feedback. Survey Analytics has integrated QR codes with HTML5 technology so that customers can give feedback right in their mobile browsers.

Customization and branding of RapidFeedback codes are available to match your logo and colors.

The possibilities are endless!

Here’s how to implement RapidFeedback in SurveyAnalytics:

RapidFeedback Step 1

  • Log in to Survey Analytics

  • Create a New Survey

  • Click Edit Survey, then Add New Question

  • Under Connector, Click RapidFeedback

RapidFeedback Step 2

Here you can generate anywhere from one to many hundreds of RapidFeedback QR codes for you to post wherever you need customer input.