SurveyPocket Tablet Survey App Enables Photo, Video, Audio and Signature Input

SurveyPocket has released updated versions of its offline tablet survey app on the Android market and the iTunes store.

Android Apple

SurveyPocket 2.9 for Android and SurveyPocket 3.8 for iOS are the most stable versions of the app released to date.

Both versions of SurveyPocket give you the ability to capture new types of survey data, including:

  • Audio: Speak into the Android Tablet or iPad’s microphone to answer a survey question.

  • Video: Take a video using the iPad or Android tablet’s built-in video camera in response to a survey question.

  • Photo: Answer a survey question by taking a photo using the Android tablet or iPad’s built-in camera.

  • Signature: Input your signature in response to a survey question by “writing” on the iPad or Android tablet’s screen with your finger.

[caption id="attachment_439" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="Signature Input"][/caption]

Survey Pocket provides for a great interactional experience for interviewers and respondents alike. When you want to capture a respondent’s experience, SurveyPocket is the way to go.

You can download SurveyPocket on the Android Market here.

You can download SurveyPocket for iPad here.

Click this link to learn more about SurveyPocket.


  1. Howdy - I downloaded and installed the iPad version of the app and created a test survey to try out the audio questions. I managed to do the survey and upload the results to the server, but once there cannot find the audio response. I see the survey, with the response (1 response, completed), but cannot find out how to download the audio - it obviously doesn't come down with the Excel raw data download or any other download type as far as I can see. The feature's no good if we can't get the data out!


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