SurveyPocket Supports Automated CRM Actions

SurveyPocket just got even better; the app now makes it easy to trigger actions in Salesforce and other CRM systems based on responses to your survey.

One of the most powerful features of SurveyPocket is the ability the tablet survey app gives you to collect data in offline mode without a wi-fi connection. This allows you to go anywhere to collect your data; then you sync the data to Survey Analytics’ Enterprise Research Platform when you have access to wi-fi.

When you sync your data, SurveyPocket and Survey Analytics’ Enterprise Research Platform will interface with or other CRM systems to create tasks for follow-up or trigger other CRM events.

SurveyPocket Salesforce

For example, one the questions you ask customers in a satisfaction survey is whether they have any support issues which have not been resolved. SurveyPocket can execute a macro in Salesforce that will automatically create a follow-up task so that your team can be sure to respond to the customer concern.