New Feature: Heat Map Question Type and Analysis Now Available

It's commonly said that a picture paints a 1000 words. However, is there a way to analyze what draws a person to a particular picture, or which part of the image makes the most impact? Now this can be done using the new Heat Map question type and analysis tool.

What is a heat map?

A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. Fractal maps and tree maps both often use a similar system of color-coding to represent the values taken by a variable in a hierarchy. Heat maps help you get an instant feel for an area by grouping places into categories and displaying their density visually. The darker the color is, the higher is the density.

How can I add a Heatmap - Image Testing question to my survey?

    • Step 1: Go to

      • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit Survey »  Add/Edit Questions

    • Click on the Add New Question link.

    • From Add-On Modules select the Heatmap - Image Testing question type from the Image/ Multimedia list and click on the Next button.



  • Step 2:

  • Question Text: Enter in the Question Text here.

  • Image: Select the Image from the drop-down menu.


  • Click on Save Question to add the question.

  • You have successfully added the Heatmap - Image Testing question to your survey.


How do the respondents answer the Heatmap - Text Analysis question?

To answer the Heatmap - Text Analysis question, respondents will have to drag the area on the image.



What type of analysis / reporting do I get for the heat map data?

With the Survey Analytics Enterprise Platform you can analyze the heat map data in a very sophisticated way. You will get an image representation of your original image for the data. The area that was dragged most often by the respondents would be highlighted in dark red. The lesser number of times an area is dragged, the fainter red color it would be highlighted in. The areas that were never dragged would be highlighted in blue. You will easilly come to know the respondents trend / area of focus by just viewing the image. Go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Image Testing »  HeatMap Analysis


As seen in the picture of the violin you can tell the areas in red overlap one another are the parts of the picture respondents are most drawn to. The areas that are chosen most will be the most vivid in comparison to the rest of the picture.

The Heat Map question type will be great for image and logo feedback, print ads, advertising, brand recognition, and more.


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