Connect Your Survey to Facebook

It's easy to connect your survey to Facebook using Survey Analytics' Enterprise Research Platform.

Why connect your survey to Facebook?  So you can easily include a button in your survey asking respondents to connect with their Facebook account.

When respondents connect to their Facebook account, they can share the survey with their Facebook friends.

Imagine the possibilities!  Now you are not just restricted to collecting data from your respondents; you can tap into the knowledge of their social connections.

[caption id="attachment_2577" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="When you connect your survey to Facebook with Survey Analytics' Enterprise Research Platform, you can put a Facebook authentication button in your survey, which allows respondents to share the survey with their Facebook friends."][/caption]

When respondents connect with Facebook in your survey, they are opting in to sharing some basic information from their Facebook account, including:

- Facebook User ID
- First and Last Name
- Language
- Gender
- Date of Birth

It's easy to add Facebook Connect to your survey.  Follow this link for a tutorial explaining this simple process step by step.