SurveyPocket 3.6 Integrates MicroPanel's Panel Recruitment!

If you're an existing Survey Analytics client, we know how much our services are beneficial to you. A lot of the benefit comes from the exceptional products we have, and continued additional products; especially when you can find all of the solutions you need for market research from one company, Survey Analytics / QuestionPro, AND by working with the your designated representative of your account for all products you choose to use.

With panel recruitment added to SurveyPocket, you're now given the ability to integrate your existing Survey Analytics panel within your offline surveys. If you use panels, you know how important and essential panel recruitment is.

SurveyPocket 3.6 is coming soon! Stay tuned to hear more of the exciting additions Survey Analytics and SurveyPocket continues to add. Let us know your feedback: what are your visions of perfection when it comes to market research? We've already defined the need in Survey Analytics for mobilizing our products.

Another benefit, you can try it all out for free and be your own judge. If you don't already have a Survey Analytics account, sign up here: Once you've done this, try out our iPad app SurveyPocket by finding it in the App Store  and see the efficiency you can add to your market research by using both the web interface and a mobile interface.