SurveyPocket 3.5 Release Coming Soon!

A big thank you to those of you who have used SurveyPocket and have experienced the exciting growth of the application!

As SurveyPocket has evolved, we have almost completely supported every question type for your surveys in your  SurveyAnalytics account, while offline. We've had a lot of fun implementing the functionality of SurveyPocket and some of the new features we've added are blowing minds!

Check it out:

  • SurveyPocket runs on, not only, the iPad, but as well as the iTouch and iPod

  • We've added multi-lingual support for your surveys

  • We're recording the geo-location associated with where the surveys will be administered

  • Our user interface has become smooth like butta'... we also offer the choice of themes

  • Record any audio, video, or photo in a survey

I don't want to go through every great addition. You'll have to check it out for yourself.

  1. Try a free account on,

  2. create your survey,

  3. download SurveyPocket from the App store, and

  4. synchronize your surveys from your SurveyAnalytics account to the SurveyPocket application

Play around with the application and see for yourself. If you have a brilliant idea for SurveyPocket's growth, please comment here or visit