SurveyPocket Spreading Across The World With Multilingual And Geo-Location Capabilities

As SurveyPocket increases its capabilities, the feedback we're receiving from our potential and existing customers has been plenty of relief and excitement. SurveyPocket continues to lessen the amount of manual work that has typically been the case in administering surveys.

So, what's the latest buzz about SurveyPocket? Well, for one, we have spread the application's capacity to perform multilingual support. Research projects are increasingly conducted across geographic regions, thereby requiring that surveys be available to respondents in multiple languages. By adding multilingual support, we have given surveyors the ability to spread surveys worldwide/language-wide, which in turn, opens up the audience of survey administration and data collection.  Find out HERE how to set up the use of multilingual support.

With this trend we, of course, wanted to add geo-location data collection. There are many benefits to adding geo-location support to SurveyPocket. Tracking the location of where a survey is being administered (via using your internet connection when syncing SurveyPocket with you Survey Analytics account), that location is then saved per survey in your data reports.

Based on the cases when collecting survey data from more respondents (multilingual) and collecting the geolocation the survey was administered, we give the advantage of viewing customized reports and viewing statistics that are more accurate. Look forward to more of our upcoming advances.


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