Survey Analytics Expands Their Mobile Capabilities

The times are changing. We're seeing more and more mobile applications developed to either create a business or expand a business. This doesn't mean that mobile applications will completely remove the previous processes of market research, just a way to progress with the wave of technology.

Survey Analytics is a company proud to be on the bleeding edge of technology. We have worked heavily on creating a mobile platform solution for each service that Survey Analytics provides. Not only have we developed applications for each service, we've also developed our applications on multiple platforms: Android, Blackberry, iOS devices.

The feedback we've received from our existing and new customers has been extreme excitement to use our tools! Researchers who use our tools are thankful to have the ease of accessing their panels and sharing. As a snippet of what we have been working on, check out the application SurveySwipe. This application now connects users to their online MicroPanel account. Another great application is SurveyPocket. This application now connects users to their Survey Analytics account to access their surveys, whether offline or online.

As we continue development, expect to see a continuation of evolution in our applications as well as some applications soon to come (Shhh...).


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