Mobile Market Research Panels



The Backdrop:

According to a new study by the research firm Flurry, this year app usage out paced both desktop and mobile browser combined.  In other words apps are more popular than surfing the internet!  Consumers have spoken now it's time for us as marketers to listen and engage users where they chose to spend their media consumption time.  After all these days 18-35 year olds are virtually un reachable by any other technology.


Beyond just the sheer number of consumers using apps the technology naturally lends itself to tracking consumer behavior.


Validation Advantage:


Mobile users are easy to validate.  Mobile Identification Numbers, (MIN) accurately identify panelists and track their responses over time, no room for human error.  Fraud risk virtually eliminated.




Location aware features allow panels to be instantly sliced by geographic region and even street by street level accuracy.  Why be limited by time and space?


Speed of Research:


With mobile you can get results in real time as your panel members respond to surveys.   Kick start your program, close the feedback loop and start acting on valuable data right away.




Mobile panel questionnaire’s are like games.  What better way to increase your response rate than to make your survey like an app game.  This movement is still in its beginnings but one can imagine a world where all surveys are like games with rewards built right in.


An interesting way to think about Mobile Panels is to turn it upside down and imagine a world where mobile is the mainstream legacy platform for Market Research.  Not so hard to visualize when you look at what a powerful research tool this truly is.


We at SurveySwipe see the Sample Business landscape today requiring true Multi Mode Marketing and the ability to reach consumers on all screens.


Happy Holidays from the team in Fremont/Seattle/USA!


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