Market Research Trends for 2012

What should you be looking forward to in 2012 when it comes to market research?  I was wondering the same thing and so I asked some of our community experts for some guidance and here is what I learned:

Consumers will drive technology

Romi Mahajan, Chief Marketing Officer at Metavana and a former Worldwide Director of Sales and Strategy at Microsoft says that consumers will be driving technology instead of the other way around.  Expect to see the blurring between business and consumer applications of technology.

This is evident in our next big trend; Gamification, where surveys start taking on the look and feel of game apps.  Touch screens make it possible to interact with information in a more graphic and engaging way. Betty Adamou, the editor of the Game Access blog says that "We must utilize creativity, think about the way we use language and ask survey questions and start giving respondents feedback.   Gamification can allow us to mix qualitative and quantitative questions in a more interactive and engaging format which will force us to ask survey questions in a more natural, competitive-inducing way.

All things mobile  from apps to games to panels and even focus groups?  Absolutely.  Free up your market research or focus groups and instead of bringing them to your isolated sterile laboratory, let your panel bring you into their homes with the use of mobile sampling.  Now your respondents can upload pictures of the brands they use or how they interact with your brand and let you step inside their world instead of the other way around.  The SurveySwipe platform brings panels and interactive, engaging and fun feedback into one package.

Another trend that has expanded is this idea of location-based feedback.  Special technology allows our SurveySwipe mobile survey app to trigger surveys based on your respondents location WITHOUT sharing any private information.

Panels are accessible to everyone

Community panels used to be exclusively in the domain of HUGE marketing budgets.  But that's no longer the case.  Andrew Jeavons, from Survey Analytics says that recruiting, running and managing your own panel is within the realm of most small to medium sized businesses.

Shorter, more engaging, conversational surveys

The mobile sampling trend, consumerization as well as social media chatter have  all but wiped out the lengthy survey.  Shorter attention spans --even from avid panel communities will drive researchers to get more creative with how we collect data.  We will find ourselves integrating data from mobile, social and standard surveys more and more.

All of this speaks to another trend; Networked Intelligence.  Mobile panels allow businesses to get on-demand answers to questions from their respondents. Text analysis software allows us to pull social media information together with survey responses to get more meaningful information about our customers and how they interact with our brands.

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