Don’t Limit Your Market Research Objectives – Expand Your Tools

Mobile research is the next greatest thing, the subject with the most buzz.  It’s also a subject with more than its share of confusion.

The new mobile capabilities are being created with new device technologies, new access technologies and new applications and services. These technology enablers are increasing competition and providing more choice for the mobile business customer, providing comprehensive data on the mobile consumer.

Qualitative research has always been, and will always be, to get to the truth of what consumers are thinking and doing.  It’s not about innovating or adopting a technology, it’s about using better methods to capture the consumer moment. If your participants are recording their experiences as they happen, this allows for unfiltered responses of survey participants. With a smart phone or other mobile multimedia-capturing device, there’s nothing to forget and no room for interpretation.

Give consumers the flexibility to participate on their terms, when, where and how they prefer, the quality of the data is quantitatively better.  Lots of tools can be integrated to deliver superior results. Giving ourselves flexibility in methodology is essential to making that happen.