App based Market Research for auto dealers

These days every car brand and most local dealers have apps for consumers to download and shop inventory, play games, or learn more about new models.  The value of some of these apps is debatable and it strikes us at SurveySwipe that all of them should include market research tools.

Why not have these features baked right into existing apps?

Specifically if these apps included SurveySwipe's HyperLocal Surveys™ they could achieve some powerful marketing goals.  HyperLocal Surveys™ are location triggered surveys pushed to anyone who downloads an app with our technology installed.  Anyone crossing this "alert zone" triggers the push notification.

-alert people who have bought from the dealership that they are due for service(a major profit center for most American dealerships)

-broadcast service specials, think "$30 oil changes this weekend only" sent to passing traffic

On the sales side the possibilities get even more interesting...

-alert the sales team when a consumer enters the showroom

-survey shoppers who leave the lot without buying a car

-ask them why they went across the street to a competitor's dealership while they are standing on the other guys lot!

Finally car dealers can answer the age old question plaguing their industry.  Whey did that person just leave without buying a car?[gallery]

Have a great weekend and cheers from Fremont, Seattle, USA!


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