SurveySwipe Offers KILLER Price for White Label Mobile Research App

Attention Market Researchers and Survey Analytics Users: Our excess capacity is your opportunity

We have some excess capacity in our development team and would like to offer you a very discounted offer for our Survey Swipe Mobile Survey App -- a white labeled version customized to your brand.

Normally our standard pricing is $30K for this white labeled version, but then we thought that this price might be holding you back from seeing what an incredibly powerful tool this was.  And so we decided to do something ridiculous just so you can see it for yourself.  So we’re offering this for $10K per instance for any orders received by December 15th.

How to use the SurveySwipe Custom-Branded Solution

If you have an existing panel: Invite them to download the branded App and take part in in mobile surveys from time to time.   This is really an opportunity to have a conversation and to build relationships with that panel.  The surveys often take less than 60 seconds (most take 10 seconds to 30 seconds).  Because they are so short, the panel will respond quickly and your response rates will go WAY UP.

With this custom-branded app, your panelists would now be able to engage in surveys while out and about in the World interacting with brands and as normal in front of the computer.
What you’ll be able to do:

  • Push invitations to panelists any time based on their screening criteria, typical response is VERY high and VERY fast.

  • Offer always on surveys so panelists can go in and take them whenever they want
    Trigger survey invitations via GPS, Hyper Local  ™

  • Use built in bar code scanner to scan product bar codes to trigger drill down questions regarding those products.

  • Push picture and video out as part of the survey experience

This is an ideal use for retail and in-store shopper projects and consumption panels
What you'd get:

  1. Branded online recruitment website where you would send panelists to, to answer a couple questions and be sent to appropriate smartphone marketplace, support and FAQs included.

  2. An app branded to your organization.

  3. Panel management functionality in your Survey Analytics account, see who's downloaded and create subpanels, script surveys and issue new screening questions.

  4. Data collection and reporting as part of your already existing Survey Analytics account.Contact John Nelson at SurveySwipe to set up your white-labeled SurveySwipe mobile app and launch a survey today.


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