Survey Swipe as a tool for Retail Audit

Recently we (the Survey Swipe team) were approached by a client who was fed up with traditional methods of Retail Auditing and wondered if we could harness the Survey Swipe platform for this purpose.

A traditional Retail Audit is conducted by an outside consulting firm and involves teams of auditors with clipboards and paper.  The goals are:

1.  Ensuring compliance with company policy and regulation

2.  Improving the image, quality, and operational processes across sites

3.  Identifying the top performing sites and areas for improvement

4.  Tracking compliance around promotional material

Hey, that's easy using our Survey Swipe App!

We took these goals and created a White Label App running on all 4 major platforms, created:

This solution achieved a Significant Cost Savings Over Traditional Audit.  Efficient time saving audit planning, scheduling, execution and reviews reduced the headache of coordinating the project.  Real-time visibility into audit plans, reporting status and outcomes allowed the client to tweak the audit for increased accuracy.  One of the responses we got from our client was satisfaction with the short cycle time from initiation of the audit to release of actionable data.  For this project the standardized audit practices across franchisee and chain stores were a big benefit.

If you are designing a similar project be sure and contact us today for a demonstration of how this solution works.


  1. I am Shingi, in charge of field for RBI a research company in Zimbabwe. I am starting retail audit for some clients next year. in field i am using samsung android handsets for my data collection. will it be possible to use survey swipe to conduct our audit and what are the related costs.


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