Ipsos Loyalty Engagement Panel Mobile Network and Survey Swipe!

Today is a big week for Survey Swipe!

We are buzzing about the announcement of our partnership with leading market research firm Ipsos.

The Ipsos Loyalty Engagement Panel Mobile Network has been fun to create. It’s a very exciting new opportunity for both companies. This major project with Ipsos has been building up for a while, and now we can finally share the good news of our groundbreaking mobile research project.


The coolest thing about what Ipsos has done with our platform is to allow traditional intercept interviewing to be conducted using our app. When a customer walks out of a retail store they are sent a push notification (cell phone alert) and asked for on-the-spot feedback about their shopping experience.

This data is instantly uploaded to our servers and into our powerful pro-level analytics program, where it can be turned into valuable visual charts as well as exported to Excel.

Imagine what impact this will have on the market research industry in the long run.

The age old question of what the heck consumers are really thinking when they buy things will finally be answered.

Furthermore, imagine how much more research will be conducted when costs are lowered so dramatically?

The accuracy of this new data will also be unparalleled; it will clarify previously foggy assumptions about consumer behavior.

Ipsos has been great to work with, and we already have a couple of apps on iTunes.

The Survey Swipe team looks forward to building this relationship in the coming months.


John Nelson

Consumer downloads app ---→ Become Panelist ---→ Location Trigger sends alert sends survey on the spot