Instant wins with QuestionPro Action Alerts

I once had a boss who was fond of saying “in the future: instant wins”, meaning the faster you can act, the more customers you’ll win.  It’s easy to think of examples of this principle in action:  McDonalds, the ATM, FedEx, and Expedia all come to mind.  The web is ideally suited for “instant” strategies, from Amazon’s “one click purchasing” to the proliferation of Live Chat on retail sites, more and more companies are taking advantage of the web’s real time capabilities.

With QuestionPro’s “Action Alerts” it’s easy to instantly act on a customer’s responses to your survey questions.  Image being able to send an email within minutes of a customer selecting “Please have someone contact me” on a survey question.  Action Alerts can also be used to quickly address problems, for example, if a customer selects “Very Unsatisfied” to a product satisfaction question, you’ll be able to proactively contact this customer within minutes.

With QuestionPro’s easy to use rules, you can create custom Account Alerts tailored specifically to your needs.  To learn more about setting up Account Alerts, please see below: