Excel File Upgrade

We would like to notify you that SurveyAnalytics has recently upgraded our Excel download to the .xlsx format. Earlier the files were .xls.

What this means: The numerous limitations on the .xls files are now a thing of the past. Files in the format of .xlsx can generate and accommodate a lot more data and there are almost no limitations (Columns / Rows / Contents).

Please Note: The File Format has not changed. Just the file type has changed to .xlsx.

If you are a client who may have some process already set up for reading just .xls files make sure to your system can also read .xlsx files as well.

Excel file has changed for: Export Data, Excel export for Grouping / Data Segmentation, and FTP Reports.

Banner Reports still are in .xls format.

If you have further questions or comments please contact your dedicated account manager for assistance.

Thank you!