Yes, Anthony Weiner's Situation is Immature -- but Irresistible

It sucks to have a name that makes other people giggle inside because they can't stop themselves from thinking crude thoughts when they KNOW they should be doing the adult thing and listening to what you're saying.

It sucks even more when events and circumstances collide in such a way that the years of effort you've invested in getting people OFF the track of thinking about all manner of sausages when they hear that your name is "Weiner" - blows up in a millisecond when a crude picture hits your Twitter account.

Of course being the market researchers that we are, we just COULDN'T let this moment go by without asking our audience what they think about Congressman Anthony Weiner's current branding predicament.


If you haven't already - head over to and download the iPhone or Android SurveySwipe application and take our 10 second survey called "Weiner's Weiner"

Yes - we totally know it's juvenile, but like a sick rerun of Bevis and Butthead, we just can't let it go.  And if we can get you to download the app and try out this very fun new mobile research application that YOU can use to have fun as well - then we're going to DO IT!

So download, take the survey - tell your friends and we'll share the results with you when it's done.