SurveySwipe Gets in on the Anthony Weiner Story

This might be a tad on the immature side, but we wanted to show you how quick and powerful the SurveySwipe application can be.

We're all about immediate gratification here -- especially when it comes to making big business decisions. But then, life and the media hand you something so completely irresistible that you just can't help but jump on the bandwagon.  Anthony Weiner's personal branding problem is such an event.

At first, we started discussion how we can report the results of the on-going presidential survey.  And somehow the conversation turned toward poor Anthony Weiner.  The instant we started talking about it laughter broke out over the Skype call.  Uncontrollable laughter at the infantile idea that Weiner (the last name) was the same as weiner (the slang for male private parts) was the same as the picture floating around every news channel at the time.  HILARIOUS.

Then we wanted to know what YOU thought of the whole thing.  "How long would it take to program a survey in SurveySwipe?" I asked.  "About 5 minutes" answered Chandika Bhandari, the manager in charge of SurveySwipe.  And that was all it took.  In 5 minutes we had a survey, in another 5 minutes he'd re-sized the picture and another 5 minutes later we had responses.  It was AMAZING.

See for yourself.  If you don't have the SurveySwipe app - download it here -  If you already have it on your Android or iPhone, open the app and take the survey.