NBA Finals - Why did you root for Dallas Mavericks?

I hope that you enjoyed the recently concluded NBA Finals series between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. I think that the series was thoroughly entertaining and fitting of a NBA finals series. We saw Dirk Nowitzki rise from the the ranks of "choker" to a "champion". We also saw the spectacular failure of the big three James, Wade and Bosh after they were clearly headed towards a championship after the conclusion of three games with a 2-1 lead. What makes this a poignant loss is that just a few days ago LeBron had tweeted "Now or Never!"

It is quite a stimulating event to say the least to see a spectacular athlete (in this case actually three - Wade and Bosh included) come up short at the biggest sporting stage of their profession. Towards the end of the game, we sent a survey out to SurveySwipe community to check the pulse of the outcome. We had amazing participation and we would like to thank everyone of you for taking the polls. Here are the highlights of the poll:

  • Of the respondents who watched the game, 68% said that they didn't root for Mavericks because of what happened in Cleveland over the last one and a half years.

  • 63% respondents said that they are happy that Mavericks won the NBA championship

  • 80% thought officiating was fair - a truly staggering number

  • 20 respondents watched the game at the venue ~7%, 20% on the web and 60% on television

  • Despite the fact that Cleveland lost, it is interesting to note that 60% respondents like the duo of LeBron James and Duane Wade over 41% respondents that like the duo of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.  61% of the respondents were Dallas fans.

Yesterday's results sets up for an exciting next year of NBA. We wonder if the big three will stay intact in Miami and whether the injured tigers will get over the hump to win a championship. We would like to thank all our participants for taking part in this poll, we are looking forward to bring more of these instant polls to you - so stay tuned.