What's YOUR Mobile Marketing Strategy - Here are 6 Great Ideas

In a recent post on the AMEX Open Forum, Ivana Taylor provides 6 Ways to Get and Keep Customers Using Your Mobile Device.

Here is a quick summary of her tips:

  1. Generate a 2-dimensional QR code and engage your customers and contacts with coupons or incentives.

  2. Get Paid.  There are apps for that.  I use a PayPal app on my Android device that does the trick nicely.

  3. Run Surveys - Ask a Panel.  Surveys can be FUN !  Why not run your next survey using SurveySwipe mobile survey platform.  It's super easy.  You can ask an existing panel to answer questions OR you can upload your customer list and create your own panel.

  4. Customer Service.  Most CRM systems like SalesForce.com have customer service apps that will allow you to help your customers on site.  You can also create an app just for your customers and deliver service on the fly.

  5. Education and Training.  YouTube is mobile - why not deliver demonstrations, training and education via mobile phone?

  6. Advertising.  This one is obvious, but can get overwhelming because there are so many options.  Use text messaging with Fanminder, offer alerts so that your customers can receive specials and offers straight to their device.


  1. Great article. I appreciate you sharing. Some ideas here I hadn't thought of for mobile marketing.


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