SurveyAnalytics Partners with Zynga to Find Innovative Ways to Interact With Online Gamers

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What do you get when you cross online surveys with online games?

At the TMRE conference this past week in Chicago, Vivek Bhaskaran of SurveyAnalytics and Kevin Keeker of Zynga presented on an innovative way to interact and collect data from gamers by using social gaming as a research methodology case study.

You would have to be living under a rock if you've never heard of FarmVille, CafeWorld, Mafia, or CityVille - All games developed by Zynga. They are the number one developer on Facebook, and by tying quick 1-2 question surveys into the gaming experience and drawing from Facebook's data they can provide enormous amounts of feedback quite quickly.

Through presentations such as these we are finding more evidentiary support that social media interaction is becoming a key tool in data gathering process. In addition the incentives offered to users are moving away from the typical online gift cards to offering apps and online game pieces respondents can use to enhance their gaming experience. Simply ignoring this factor is no longer an option. Although you may not be in the online gaming industry, Zynga's partnership with SurveyAnalytics is an example you can review to help you think of ways to engage your customers for future research studies.

Feel free to click through the slides to view and download the slides above. (Note - Must have Mac's Key to open downloaded file.)