SurveyAnalytics launches SurveyPocket for smart phone and field data collection

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SurveyAnalytics launched SurveyPocket ( ) today, the latest innovation in survey data collection. SurveyPocket allows survey data to be collected via an iPad or smart phone even when there is no connection available to the internet.

“We recognized that not all the world has reliable internet connections all of the time”, said Vivek Bhaskaran President and CEO of SurveyAnalytics. He continued, “SurveyPocket addresses the need for survey data collection when you may not be able to get an reliable internet connection all the time.”

SurveyPocket works in conjunction with the SurveyAnalytics web interviewing system, it allows surveys to be run on iPads and smart phones, the data can then be stored for uploading to the SurveyAnalytics when there is a reliable internet connection.

“Survey Analytics serves its customers by removing any barriers to survey participation,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, President and CEO of Survey Analytics. He continued, "this means that we are constantly creating new channels to connect with customers, clients, prospects and users. These include surveys and other crowdsourcing solutions that are designed to be easy for researchers, for profit and non-profit companies to use. SurveyPocket is just one in a series of these innovations.”

An earlier adopter of SurveyPocket is WomanCare Global. Alan Hart, Vice President of Global Marketing for WomanCare Global and Survey Analytics client said, “SurveyPocket will enable WomanCare Global to automate our research and data collection processes in the countries where we operate. By streamlining the data collection, reducing data inaccuracies and eliminating paper-based dependency , we will be able to increase the speed at which we can analyze information.”

SurveyPocket can be used for a very wide range of applications which includes surveys and general data collection. Traditional, so called, “mall intercepts”, point of sale or within store surveys, medical data collection either within institutions or out in the wider world are all excellent uses of SurveyPocket. SurveyPocket has the unique advantage that data can be stored on the iPad or smart phone if there is no reliable web connection available when the data is collected. The stored data can then be uploaded to the SurveyAnalytics site when access to the web is re-established.

SurveyPocket bring advanced data collection to the offline world, with SurveyPocket you can collect data anywhere your respondents are.

You can get more information about SurveyPocket at join the free webinar about SurveyPocket at SurvetPocket Webinar


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