Melbourne Airport Uses SurveyAnalytics Mobile App To Gain Insight On Customer Experience

Melbourne Airport is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne and the second busiest airport in Australia.

Over 12,500 people work within the Melbourne Airport precinct and, with 27.7 million customers to serve, Melbourne Airport continues to put customer satisfaction at a premium.

In order to gain insight into the customer experience and improve service, the Melbourne Airport research department works to listen to their customers by gathering survey data. Although Melbourne Airport had been conducting these surveys for years, the research team wanted to be able to react more swiftly to customer needs by reviewing and responding to real-time results, so they began to collect data using the SurveyAnalytics solution with an iPad interface.
"The SurveyAnalytics team is committed to innovation and easy-to-use collaborative tools. SurveyAnalytics allows users to pursue complex sets of data through randomization, dynamic questions presentment, counterbalancing, and much more. We've worked with them on a number of projects so far and we're looking forward to a long-lasting partnership that helps us fulfill our ongoing need for richer and more dynamic user information."

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SurveyAnalytics Casestudy Melbourne Airport

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