How to Use Market Research for SEO Strategy

<img title="iStock_000004926002XSmall" src="" alt="" width="300" height="199" />I ran across this question today -- "Is market research important to SEO strategy?"
I'm familiar with the idea of doing RESEARCH - keyword research, industry research, even customer research, in order to come up with SEO insights.  But I really didn't feel like I understood the role of market research within SEO strategy.
As it turns out a series of experts had this one covered. Here are some of their responses:
<strong><a href="">Stan Sweeney</a>:</strong> Qualitative researchers gathers the emotional behavior of a brand. Qualitative is more leading than large research samples. But, it takes a brand pro to listen to emotional responses.
<strong><a href="" target="_blank">Larry MacDonald:</a> </strong>Market research is critical in SEO. Given that Google wants to present the most appropriate site in response to a search query, how can you optimize a site if you don't know what people value find useful? Once you have gathered primary research, you can make content changes to reflect the preferences you have discovered
Marce Colucci: Market research as it pertains to SEO, is the step you must take BEFORE you establish your website and start doing SEO. It will determine what services/products you offer and how you will promote those services/products to the market. SEO is a methodical way of then getting those products and services known by your target market. SEO is very much about choosing the right keywords that your market will be searching for, and hence get your site in front of them more often than your competitors' sites. The research required for a successul SEO strategy, involves researching what words and phrases most link your products and services to the searches that your target market will be conducting using Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines.
Any SEO experts out there?  What role does market research play in putting together a killer SEO strategy?
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  1. Some great tips here. Guess I'm not doing too bad whenever it comes to promotion. Thanks for helping me to see this :)

  2. I think market research is very important part for SEO strategy. It is the best post to describe it. please provide some more techniques to market research Thanks for such great post. keep continue......

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