Free Webinar Thurs 4/14 @ 8AM: SurveyPocket -The Offline Survey App Making Field Research Easy

Thursday April 14th,2011

8:00AM PST.

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As a former project manager who's done field research I can tell you that the most difficult thing about a field  study is collecting all of the data into a specified database or spreadsheet and tracking the progress in the field. Field managers would have to spend countless hours sorting through paper surveys, adding information to a spreadsheet, and then segmenting the data according to how clients would like their data reviewed. The turn around time on projects were generally delayed if all of the fielders did not turn in their data on-time. If there were issues during the fielding process, many of them were only discovered at the end of the day and with very little time to adjust field strategies.

If you've experienced similar frustrations then it's time to ditch the pen and paper and change the way you collect data from the field with SurveyPocket.
SurveyPocket is the latest in survey apps. It allows you to collect data about anyone, anytime, anywhere! Unlike other survey apps you are not limited to doing surveys only when you are connected to the web. Your field team will be free to go anywhere.  SurveyPocket can collect data when you are not connected to the web and simply wait until you are connect again. With one tap all the survey data you have collected can be uploaded and be instantly available to you. The days of manually sorting and imputing data from field studies are over.

Join us on Thursday 4/14/11 at 8:00AM PST as we present:

-What is SurveyPocket
-Traditional field research and the SurveyPocket advantage
-How to set up a survey in the field with Survey Pocket
-Reporting/Analytics and field tracking data available

We will close the session with a Q& A Session and a conclusion.

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Slides and a recording will be available on our blog:
About the Presenters:

As the SurveyAnalytics Executive Vice President, Andrew Jeavons has over 25 years in the market research industry. He is a frequent writer and speaker for various publications and events around the country. He has a background in psychology and statistics, and currently focuses on innovation within survey research.

Esther LaVielle is the Chief Education Director at QuestionPro and SurveyAnalytics, which was started in 2002 in Seattle and is now one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Prior to her adventure at SurveyAnalytics she spent 3 years as a Qualitative Project Manager and has a background healthcare, hospitality, legal, and market research.