Private Community at Work - MarketMix 2011

We recently conducted a live conference feedback project at MarketMix 2011, organized by PSAMA/SDMA. We built a private community of conference attendees a day before the conference. Using the community features, the organizers of the MarketMix 2011 conference were able to send out instant polls and surveys - asking questions for feedback about not only the overall logistics of the conference but also the performance of keynote speakers and breakout sessions real-time. I am excited to share some of the highlights from this conference.

  • A whooping 72% of the people said they didn’t mind getting up to three or four polls - highlights how focused surveys can enable great response rates

  • We got close to 50% response rates on instant polls - response rates believe it or not were lower because folks on Android phones did not get push notifications due to a software glitch

  • We got 50% response for the welcome survey and 60% response rate for the thank you survey - highlights how easy access to mobile phone can potentially increase response rates

  • About 25% of the participants downloaded the application - extrapolating that to the larger US population (~ 30% households have a smartphone), the number bodes really well for the future. Note that we sent out a promotional email a day before the conference.

Here are links to more detailed reports of surveys and polls we ran during the conference.

Welcome Survey
Thank You Survey
Breakout Session #1
Breakout Session #2
Breakout Session #3
Rod Brooks Keynote Survey
Lunchtime Panel Survey
Porter Gale Keynote Survey

We would like to thank the organizers of MarketMix 2011 conference and especially Brian Dowdy, Sr. Research Analyst at Memory Lane who also served in the organizing committee for the conference.


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