New Feature: Need Respondents to Take a Survey in 5 min? Add a Countdown Timer

If you've ever needed to limit the time a respondent has to take a survey now you can easily do this on SurveyAnalytics!

How do I set up a time limit for my survey?

To set up time limit for the survey, go to:

* Login » Surveys » (Select Survey) » Survey Control » Security

Set up the time limit in minutes and save changes. Minimum Time Limit available is 1 minute. Maximum time limit is 60 minutes.Survey Software Help Image
How does the time limit work?

A countdown timer will be displayed on the survey. Respondents have to finish the survey within the specified time. If respondents do not finish the survey within the specified time, the survey will end and the response will be marked as incomplete.Survey Software Help Image

This new feature is only available on SurveyAnalytics. To learn more about SurveyAnalytics' enterprise research platform go to and contact us for more details.