Market Mix 2011 kicks off – with SurveySwipe!

One of the most exciting marketing conferences in the Northwest kicks off today, Market Mix 2011 (

This event brings together some of the most well known and dynamic marketing practitioners in the country.  The range of subjects covered is impressive, from mobile marketing strategies, partnership building and leveraging social media to career development skills for marketing professionals and  cost effective lead generation approaches.

Along with this exciting programs is another innovation: SurveyAnalytics new smartphone interviewing system, SurveySwipe,  will be available to all of the attendees to MarketMix 2011. SurveySwipe works on Android, iPhones and iPads. Versions for Blackberry and Windows 7 will be available very soon. SurveySwipe provides a flexible smartphone survey system with a range of advanced features for real time data collection. It is also available on iPads and Android tablets. A related product, SurveyPocket allows data collection when users are out of range of an internet connection.

Using the SurveySwipe application attendees to the MarketMix 2011 conference can provide real time feedback and comments while they are at the conference. Instead of surveys carried out long after the conference has closed the attendees can voice there their opinions during sessions, breaks, in fact any time they like!

Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of SurveyAnalytics, said “ We’re really pleased to be teaming up with MarketMix 2011, we know it is one of the most prestigious conferences in the North West for marketing professionals. SurveySwipe is the ideal tool for this sort of event , it means the organizers can get real time feedback on how the conference is going.”

To learn more about SurveySwipe and how it's leading the charge into mobile application research methodology and design please visit -


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