Free Webinar Wed 3/30/11@ 9AM PST: Research Your Full Market Potential Using TURF Analysis

Tuesday 3/30/11

9:00AM PST

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Have you ever wondered which combination of products or services would sell the best? How about which marketing and placement campaigns are driving consumers to you? Are you working with a limited budget and what to research what's the best way to spend your marketing dollars? Then it's time to run a TURF Analysis.

TURF Analysis : "Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency", is a type of statistical analysis used for providing estimates of media or market potential and devising optimal communication and placement strategies given limited resources. It helps analyze which marketing campaigns motivate consumers to purchase a certain product. This can determine which products and/or services to offer, and which not to offer.

Join SurveyAnalytics as we present basic TURF analysis concepts and introduce you to tools that you can use right away including:

* How to analyze the number of consumers who will use each offering in the product line (reach)

* Calculate the volume and frequency of usage for each offering in the product line

* Uncover the nature of consumers' usage among offerings in the product line

* What numbers must you hit to reach the minimum reach.

SurveyAnalytics is the only enterprise research platform in the industry with the technology and resources available for clients to run a TURF analysis.

Join us for our 1 hour presentation on Wed 3/30/30 at 9AM PST. Slides and a recording will be available on our blog:

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