Free Webinar Tues 3/22/11@ 9AM PST: SurveySwipe - Mobile Research Platform

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SurveySwipe – Mobile Research Platform

Tues 3/22/11 @ 9am PST

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As consumers move their lives into their smartphones it’s imperative that we follow and innovate on that trend. Along those lines we've launched SurveySwipe. The solution will allow you to:

* Build a community of users who've downloaded the SurveySwipe smartphone app.Available on all 4 major smartphone platforms – iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry

* Allow users then get points for filling out surveys – incentivized research. Better engagement.

* Let users customize their profile for segmentation purposes (Gender, Age, et. al.)

* Push Notification and Location – obviously both these constructs play a huge role in collecting feedback. Smartphones give us that ability right off the bat.

We’ve partnered with Amazon and Apple to give AMAZON Gift Certs. and Apps as the currency for redeeming points. We believe that, the App model for incentivizing users to take surveys, is not only the appropriate one, but the one of the most innovative solutions in the marketplace today. In fact, we think is innovative enough to apply for a patent in this!

Here is our “Pitch Deck” on SurveySwipe:

The presentation will include a Q&A session and slides and recordings will be available on our blog:

If you are interested in learning more about SurveySwipe and how it can used for your research initiatives join us for our webinar on Tuesday 3/22/11 at 9AM PST.

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