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The trend toward mobile everything shows no signs of stopping.  In this article Liz Nelson talks about when we can expect mobile research to hit mainstream.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

  • Mobile research will come and it’s inevitable that it will succeed, however the market research industry is slow and is risk averse.

  • It will take several years for mobile research to be profitable drawing upon the experience with online market research when it replaced paper and telephone based market research.

  • The only difference between mobile and online surveys is the questionnaire design.

We've been talking about mobile research as a trend for a while - but it's still a new phenomenon for business.  A recent ComScore study found that for the first time the number of smart phone users exceeded the number of non smart phone users.
The study found that the number of Smartphone users accessing mobile content through browsers and applications now surpasses that of Non-smartphone users. In the 3 month average ending August 2010, Smartphone subscribers made up 60 percent of those who used a downloaded application and 55 percent of those who used a browser.

About a year ago, most mobile survey applications were targeting young audiences because they were the predominant users of the technology and would take the time to answer survey questions.

But today, we see that this phenomenon is going to start evening our as more and more mainstream users are downloading applications and making their smart phone an integral part of their life.