Online panel management - an opportunity to enhance your research practice.

With more than 75% of the US population currently online, combined with an astounding global internet penetration, it’s no surprise  that more and more organizations are developing and managing their own custom online panels.  A pre-recruited online panel community will keep your customers engaged, increase response rate, provide better data quality for your research and marketing initiatives and most importantly, reduce project cost.

While a proprietary panel has strong benefits, the elements of design, management, maintenance and the selection of an effective panel management solution are critical to the health of the panel.

If you’re considering an online panel management solution but don’t know where to begin, or have been hindered by:

  • Expensive software licensing fees

  • Outrageous  survey data collection charges

  • Platforms that require extensive IT expertise to manage your panel

  • Solutions with pretty graphics, but anemic in panel management features

  • Solutions that are just “overkill”

Please join Rudly Raphael, our Director of Panel Solutions for a comprehensive Webinar on the in's and out's of developing your own panel for research. We will also discuss CONFIDENCE SCORE - A patent pending solution integrated within MicroPanel designed for the selection of more accurate and richer sample, which ultimately improves survey data quality.

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