How Super Bowl Watchers Responded to SurveySwipe Mobile Ethnography Surveys

The SurveySwipe Mobile Survey technology ran another exciting experiment during the Super Bowl!

They gathered basic information about the people watching the Suber Bowl, what they were watching, what ads they liked and what brands surrounded them.

A nice write-up occurred in the Greenbook Market Research Blog about the results.  You can see the Super Bowl ads that were rated highest.  Take a peek and tell us what you think.

I noticed that they didn't have any information on the actual demographics of the group and this is still a concern for me when it comes to collecting information on mobile devices.

While so many people HAVE mobile devices, the SurveySwipe app works best on the iPhone.  That means the the population is skewed toward iPhone users.  And that means that they are still AT&T users.  The even bigger question I have around that population is that I perceive that iPhone users are a "certain way" that is inherently different than say Blackberry users.

I'm curious about what you think.  If you have experience in sampling and panels, I'd love to hear your take on the information that's presented in the SurveySwipe results.