Chrome Users Now Have New Extension for Data Management

This isn't exactly a survey application, but it came in handy the other day while I was scheduling appointments for in-depth interviews.

It's a new Google Chrome Extension called Automato.  Here is the quick explanation that I received:

Automato is a Google Chrome browser extension that helps regular folks solve problems related to workflow, data entry, and automation. With Automato, users can easily integrate their data with existing web services. Users can connect data sources (CSV files, Google Docs spreadsheets, data collected from Wufoo forms) to 3rd party web services by simply “drawing” data connections on top of the web pages they’re integrating with.

Unlike “enterprise” data-integration solutions, Automato doesn’t require IT team involvement and doesn’t detour the user. Automato is lightweight, deployed at the end-user level, and designed to seamlessly augment the end-user’s existing workflow.

Automato can help small businesses, individuals, and anyone who depends on web-based SaaS solutions save time, money, and increase productivity.

The explanation was fine - but the real benefit came in the form of a video on how to do a mail merge with your Google Gmail!  This was exciting AND it was exactly what I needed to do.  So this was the right app at the right time for me.

When I asked Adam Varga, the developer about some market research applications he gave me this quickie:
How about creating a "Customer Satisfaction" with an added question at the end where the survey taker can provide an email address if they want. Then the survey taker can export the raw data from the survey as a CSV... and load that CSV into Automato... and easily respond to customers in Gmail, by mapping the Question Pro mail field to the "to" field in Gmail?

If you're a Chrome Browser User, Download your Automato app now and give it a shot!

One more quick cool thing is that Automato will appear in your menu when you are saving your survey data.  So when you click on your survey data link -- you will have the option to send it to Automato!  Very Cool.