State of the Union 2011

State of the Union 2011 - Mobile Dial-Testing/Polling Initiative

Any size organization - a blog publication, a small town, or a large government can introduce real-time polling for the State of the Union. The unique project involves polling your audience in real time as users are watching the State of the Union - Using a mobile app. We've partnered with UMass Political Science professor Stu Shulman and will be leveraging his 10 year NSF-funded text analytics research tool - DiscoverText™ to analyze the data from social networks as well as data provided by participants in real-time.

The explosive growth of smart phones, coupled with its inherent location-based underpinnings make these devices the perfect platform to collect real-time, participatory feedback during the State of the Union. We think this represents a huge opportunity to engage with your constituents in unique ways.

Interested in collaborating? Compare your data with others? - See FAQ