Mobile Research - State of the Union - The DataSet

The mobile research initiative using SurveySwipe and partners like, Personal Democracy Forum, Netroots Nation etc. was conducted yesterday.

The methodology/process

We invited (though our partners) users to register and download a mobile app - SurveySwipe. The intent was to try out 3 ideas:

  1. Mobile Polling/Data Collection in general (iPhone, Andriod and Windows Phone 7)

  2. Pulse - On-the-Spot polling using Push Notification (iPhone Only)

  3. Dial-Testing on the mobile phone (iPhone Only)

Here are the results:

We did 5 surveys in all - A PRE, 3 Pulse surveys and a POST survey. I've already documented some of the lessons learned with this exercise. This post is about the data we collected.

The SOTU Panel Profile:

The Dial Test

We are still compiling the individual dial-test data - but this is the profile of the users who completed the dial test.

The PRE Survey

Pulse 1 - Seating Arrangement / Employment

Pulse 2 - Wealth/Afghanistan/Humor

Pulse 3 - Broadband / PUblic Transportation

Final - Post Survey

Dial Testing - Raw Data

We are still compiling the results of the dial test. We had ~300 users take the dial-test in real-time. We'll be posting the raw data of the dial test also in the next day or two.

DiscoverText - Text Analytics

We are still waiting on Dr. Shulman to provide us with the data-set for the DiscoverText data for text mining. We'll post it on the blog as and when it gets available.

Thank you.


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